Recall The Game FAQ

How do I know what items to zap?
Targets are fuel pods that have a color, shape and/or sound that match the features of a fuel pod that is n-items back in the sequence. At the beginning of each level the intro screen states what features are task-relevant (color-sound, shape-sound, sound-only, or color-shape-sound). These are the features that you need to remember as you go through the wormhole.

Why is the color, shape or sound sometimes missing during a level?
Welcome to the holdout. These levels teach you to perform the memory task on the associated color, shape and sound. You should notice that the circle is always blue, the triangle yellow, the star green and the cylinder red (the also each have a unique sound). Your goal is to remember the features that go together and perform the memory task on these objects even when some features are missing. For example if when you first saw the fuel pod and it was blue and then when you are matching you see a circle then you want to zap it because that is a match. Give it a shot, you’ll get it.

I don’t like the hold out, how do I get rid of it?
The holdout is good for your cognitive training and we hope that you will learn to love it, however you can turn the mechanic off in the Study Settings Screen. First go to the Settings Screen (found on the home screen). Tap on Study Settings. Then uncheck “enable holdout”.

How much do you recommend playing?
We suggest playing 20 minutes a day for at least 20 days. This is the typical period that research studies use for n-back training. On each day it is best to play until the program tells you to stop.

Do I have to stop when I’m told?
Play as much as you like. We recommend 20 minute playing periods, however, you can play more than this if that works well for you.

Why am I running out of fuel? Can I get unlimited fuel?
As you pilot your ship through the wormhole, your fuel will be constantly diminishing. You can collect fuel pods you don’t zap to replenish your fuel. Fly over as many fuel pods as you can so that you can power your ship. If you are still having trouble you can enable unlimited fuel in the study settings menu. First go to the Settings Screen (found on the home screen). The tap on Study Settings. Then uncheck “enable unlimited fuel”.

I have trouble moving the ship around the tunnel, is there a way to make this easier?
Yes, we have easier navigation settings. First go to the Settings Screen (found on the home screen). The tap on Study Settings. Then check “enable fixed navigation.”

What if I’m going to fast?
You can adjust your speed at the beginning of every level. Move the slider to the left to go slower or the right to go faster.


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