P.A.R.T. (Portable Automated Rapid Testing)

P.A.R.T was originally designed to allow users to perform high-quality assessments of auditory processing abilities in many different settings. This application includes a wide variety of auditory tasks, all of which have been shown to have utility in assessing auditory function in the laboratory. More recently, we have made other cognitive assessments available in P.A.R.T. targeting other domains such as working memory, inhibitory control, and fluid intelligence. The P.A.R.T. application allows researchers to build their test batteries and even custom assessments within certain constraints.

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BGC Science

BGC Science allows for remote auditory and cognitive testing with options to save data to a secure server.

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MAT + EF is an application built to assess the ongoing performance of students in the 3rd through 6th grade in subjects of executive function and mathematics.

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In addition to memory training, Recollect also offers a wide variety of cognitive assessments targeting domains such as fluid intelligence (matrix reasoning), working memory (n-back, letter number task, Corsi blocks, symmetry span, running span) and cognitive control (countermanding, cancellation, flanker, and rule switch). All tasks are equipped with instructions and practice sessions in which performance feedback is provided. The presence of researchers is thus only required for troubleshooting and to answer any questions the participant might have.

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Spatial Release

Spatial Release is a novel hearing assessment designed to address symptoms of auditory dysfunction related to hearing in noisy environments; in particular understanding a talker in an environment populated by other talkers. This procedure is based upon a speaker-on-speaker task developed by Gallun et al (Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2013) and can measure auditory thresholds for speech alone, speech in the presence of other talkers, and the exert to which spatial auditory cues can rescue speech comprehensibility in the presence of other talkers.

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Saving Memo

You will work different jobs in order to care for your cat, Memo. Each job challenges your memory in different ways. You are presented with real-life scenarios including memorizing shopping lists, phone numbers, the order in which to sort packages, and the destinations for their deliveries. Test your working memory while helping us understand how people use their memory in real-world challenges!

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