In this sorting game, the rules change as you play. You must sort polygons according to the ever-changing rules. As you beat each level, you’ll encounter increasingly complicated scenarios that will challenge you in ways you can’t imagine.

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In this multiworld universe, you are Lerner the Astronaut and you must navigate perilous terrain and gather resources in the right sequence to save your space colony — the last of its kind. You are immersed in a game environment where you must perform and improve upon different cognitive tasks (e.g., n-back, item span) in order to advance to new realms and unlock advanced features.

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You must escape from the aliens by fueling a spaceship with the correct fuel! To determine the correct fuel, you must pay attention to the order in which it appears and match the items “n-back” along a continuous sequence As the game gets harder, you’re forced to perish or “recall.”

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Remember Bee

You are a bee. You must pollinate flowers, avoid mushrooms, and beat the clock. To get to your flowers, you must pay close attention to the order in which they appear in this classic n-back challenge. Float like a flower and remember like a bee!

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