Recollect is our third installment of memory training games, and is highly premised upon empirical data derived from its predecessors. Recollect maintains the effective framework of previous installments, but takes a leap forward by incorporating additional cognitive challenges and features intended to generalize the effectiveness of the program into an asesctic side-scroll platform.

Recollect has been designed for all age groups interested in fun and effective brain-training. Based on over a decade of cognitive and neuroscience research, Recollect incorporates scientifically supported renditions of N-Back, Item Span,and Multiple-Identity tracking tasks. These tasks are independently shown to improve working memory in a manner that transfers to untrained tasks.

Recollect is the product of a multi-faceted research project to answer questions related to working memory improvement, brain plasticity, and issues surrounding attention and reinforcement within cognitive training programs. Players are immersed into a game environment where they must perform and improve upon different cognitive tasks in order to advance to new realms and unlock advanced features. Our cognitive tasks are coupled together in a reward based framework that reinforces user adherence to the program and maintain training efficacy.

The premise of the game is set in a multi-world universe where the player is an astronaut (Lerner) tasked with collecting resources for the last human space colony. The player must explore planets in order to gather the necessary plants and minerals needed to feed the colony and keep their technology working. Players will experience that the required resources and planets are tricky, as resources must be collected in specific sequences to prevent them from quickly deteriorating, and planets are riddled with hazardous materials and obstacles. The mission is to help Lerner navigate the perilous terrain by using her memory skills to safely gather the resources. The fate of the human race rests on your shoulders!

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